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Equipment Requirements

Have questions about what equipment your youth player will need? Let us guide your way!


All league players will be provided with a hat and a dri-fit uniform shirt.

Other uniform items:

  • Baseball pants & belt - highly suggested for all players, excluding Little Sluggers (optional as there is no need to slide in that program).
    • Recommended that the players wear gray pants.
    • If the player prefers the "knicker" style pants (cut-off at knee level), highly recommended they also wear knee-length baseball socks so there is no exposed skin to protect when sliding.
  • Cleats (molded only; metal is not allowed) - highly suggested for all players, excluding Little Sluggers (tennis shoes are fine for that program)
    • Optional suggestion - turf or tennis shoes for pitching on the mounds at Mulva as you will reduce the chance of slipping on the artificial surface
  • Batting gloves - optional (personal preference of the player)

Protective Equipment

Here are the protective equipment items, ranging from required to optional:

  • Protective cup - required for all boys in all programs, excluding Little Sluggers (a safety ball is used in this program)
  • Batting helmet - required that all players wear one when batting or on-deck. If you do not have one, there will be helmets available in each equipment bag at our fields.
    • optional - the "C-flap" jaw extender attachment is becoming more standard as an added layer of protection against facial injuries.
  • Catcher's gear - required that all catchers are wearing the proper catcher's gear.  While some players may have their own gear, all of our equipment bags contain the proper sized catcher's gear to share between players.


Most players will have their own bats, but each equipment bag at our fields will also have bats for players to use.

Which bats are legal for use in our leagues?

Beginning with the 2022 Fall Ball season, for our 4K through 6th grade programs, a bat is considered legal only if it contains the USA Baseball Certification stamp (any barrel diameter is OK). 

Which bats are not legal for use in our leagues?

Any bat that does not have the USA Baseball stamp is not legal for play in our 4K - 6th grade leagues.

What does a bat's "drop" number mean?

A bat's "drop" refers to the bat's length in inches compared to its weight in ounces.  A 28" bat that weighs 18 oz would be referred to as a "drop 10" or "-10" bat.  As players get older and stronger, they tend to reduce the "drop" by swinging heavier bats in relation to its length.

What are the rules for older players?

Pony (13U/7th grade) and Babe Ruth (14U/8th grade) rules are established by the Bay Area Baseball League.

Fielding Gloves

All players should have their own fielding glove.  Each set of catcher's gear in our equipment bags will also contain a catcher's mitt.

Where to purchase equipment

We have a partnership with Dick's Sporting Goods, who will run discount days specifically for our program (keep an eye out for this notice, as it will save you 20% off your order!).

For those looking to purchase quality used equipment, a site that is gaining popularity is  As a buyer, your funds are not released to the seller until you have received, inspected and approved that the item meets your expectations.